You Won’t Believe These Crazy Items are Actually For Sale

Have you ever looked at an item and thought, “Who would even buy this?!” Well, you’re about to have the same feeling again after looking at every item in the compiled list below! 


Some items are completely useless, and those which have a use, are just so weird! Look for yourself.

  1. 1 Set Of Five Finger Hands Finger Puppets!

  2. 2 Funny farting bank

  3. 3 The Boyfriend Arm Pillow!

  4. 4 Hair of the Silence Earplugs Manages to Make Silence Gross!

  5. 5 Full Body Spandex Suit!

  6. 6 GlowBowl... Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight!

  7. 7 The AB Hancer!

  8. 8 Beer belly fanny pack

  9. 9 Baseball Bat Pepper Grinder!

  10. 10 Giant nose soap dispenser

  11. 11 It is nothing... Literally!

  12. 12 Cigarette Lighter and bottle Opener Cover

  13. 13 Uh Oh....Emergency underpants! LOL

  14. 14 Lick'em Cat Scratcher!

  15. 15 Mini-golf to play on the toilet!

  16. 16 Face protection mask!

  17. 17 Light-up bow tie!

  18. 18 Muscle man shirt!

  19. 19 Ninja Disguise Flip T Shirt Funny Karate Costume Samurai Tee!

  20. 20 ThinkGeek Easy-Open Canned "Unicorn Meat"!

  21. 21 Women’s fake-buttocks undergarment!

  22. 22 Shark Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag


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