Women have Unusual Yet Effective Solutions to All Problems

Coming up with solution to a problem is an amazing skill which you feel good about only when you are really stuck. However, some ideas which seem great to certain minds often come off as crazy to others as there really is a thin line between innovative and coo-coo. So, here’s BeMeThis’ collections of women coming up with unusual solutions to problems.

  1. 1 She can just close the shade on the window... but women like to do things differently!

  2. 2 Found a brand new way to get your snacks into a movie!

  3. 3 Low-budget jeans repair!

  4. 4 Got some annoying pimples? Bedazzle the sh*t!

  5. 5 We living in 2017 meanwhile this woman living in 3083!

  6. 6 No shower cap? Here's the alternate!

  7. 7 Best Way To Walk In Streets When Your Feet Are Tired Wearing Heels

  8. 8 How to obey the law in Washington when coffee is life

  9. 9 Use Your Plastic Doll To Make A Mobile Holder

  10. 10 Low-Budget Hair Extensions

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