23 People Who Like to Show Off On Social Media and Can Cross Any Limit for That

Some people won’t spare any lengths in the pursuit of good social media photos. They don’t care much about honesty or even common sense, they’re happy as long as they’re getting likes and comments on their photos.


It is both pathetic and hilarious at the same time.

Listed up in this post are more than 20 photos of social media addicts coming up with all sorts of creative ways to take good social media photos. Do you know anyone who is capable of doing the same sort of stunts? Share this post with them to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 You can only wish

  2. 2 Its all about perspective

  3. 3 We all need a caring hand

  4. 4 A friend in need is a friend indeed

  5. 5 DIY Car Wash system

  6. 6 Instagram summed up in one picture

  7. 7 When you've just got new Nikes but are too scared to show them off

  8. 8 Doing it like a pro

  9. 9 You wish you could climb up that ladder

  10. 10 Need myself a cameraman like that

  11. 11 Whipping on the bus

  12. 12 That stash did put a smile on your face...

  13. 13 Asians literally rule the world of perspective photography

  14. 14 Tricks of the trade

  15. 15 Mum's outta town and this is the only breakfast I can have

  16. 16 Someone explain this

  17. 17 Lenovo's day out at the beach

  18. 18 Gotta show what matters most

  19. 19 The height of being single

  20. 20 Deep sleep with bae

  21. 21 The height of desperation

  22. 22 Tiger Woods 2.0

  23. 23 Sun is shining, weather is sweet

  24. 24 Master Chef behind the scenes

  25. 25 Went to Walmart. Came back with this productive photograph.

  26. 26 Snoop Dog Xerox

  27. 27 My gf wanted an LCD...

  28. 28 Liquids for the night

  29. 29 Making dunks look easy

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