Truth Behind “Perfect” Social Media Photos (Part 2)

We all have those friends who post perfect pictures of themselves on social media. There’s no need to get upset though, most of the times these photos have a secret truth behind it.


Here is a list of some behind the scene photos, which hilariously shows what it took to make them. Scroll down to look and enjoy with us. 

At One With Nature

Don't Have Sexy Body? Well, What Are Friends For?

Who Needs Surgery When Have Other Limbs To Make Up For What You Lack

Too Windy

Finally Got Her Back On The Water

When A Picture Looks Too Good To Be True

You Just Need To Take Things An Extra Step Further To Dazzle Your Followers

Remember This When Next Time You See Someone Casually Photographed Lying In The Water.

Don’t Have A Selfie Stick? No problem, Bro!

You Don’t Even Need A Real Mountain To Show Your Sense Of Adventure

You Can Go Anywhere In The World Only Why Investing In Large Flat TV

Just Gonna Take A Bite From This Massive Burger

Travelling With My Girlfeiend

Loving My New Kitchen

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