Trump Nose Flags

I believe it is safe to say that Donald Trump isn’t the most loved or respected US president. In fact people all around the globe have united together on the basis of mutual hatred for him. So when Happy Toast posted a picture of Donald Trump pulling out flags from his nose, the whole world laughed at it together and I have no shame in admitting that so did I. This is the best use of Adobe Photoshop that I have seen in my whole life. 


However, if you haven’t seen these photos yet, here’s a compilation for you. Get ready to start rolling on the floor laughing. 

Trump #Noseflags 1

Trump #Noseflags 2

Trump #Noseflags 3

Trump #Noseflags 4

Trump #Noseflags 5

Trump #Noseflags 6

Trump #Noseflags 7

Trump #Noseflags 8

Trump #Noseflags 9

Trump #Noseflags 10

Trump #Noseflags 15

Trump #Noseflags 12

Trump #Noseflags 13

Trump #Noseflags 14

Trump #Noseflags 11

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