30 Trashy Posts on Snapchat

People feel comfortable sharing all sorts of absurd thoughts on SnapChat mainly because the stories will automatically disappear in 24 hours.


However, not everything on SnapChat is temporary, sometimes people will take screenshots of your worst Snapchat and torment you with them. Your trashy posts may even end up becoming viral on twitter because one of your mischievous friends could not help sharing it. But it’s all a part of the game.

In this post, we have listed up screenshots of some of the most hilarious SnapChats ever. Don’t miss the 12th picture that is absolutely hilarious.

Scroll on and enjoy folks.

  1. 1 His tan is on point.

  2. 2 That is one ugly filter.

  3. 3 So my friend just sent this to me via snapchat.

  4. 4 Not matching today

  5. 5 Balloon reviving the deer.

  6. 6 Lol!! Lashtache

  7. 7 Prolly shitting .

  8. 8 Not sure which one is brother ?

  9. 9 Make sure you gotta be ready for that...

  10. 10 A complete exit to boredom.

  11. 11 Another weird filter i guess.

  12. 12 That cat will go feral soon.

  13. 13 Call Avengers.

  14. 14 She can eat a lot i assume.

  15. 15 This kid will be a player soon.

  16. 16 A big mosquito i guess.

  17. 17 That puke will be great for omelette.

  18. 18 Just the rich kid things!

  19. 19 That wrecking ball might hit his crush this time.

  20. 20 Nanny for sale.

  21. 21 Feminist anthem

  22. 22 Gandalf was here

  23. 23 Just another day in Africa

  24. 24 That must have been one heck of a party

  25. 25 Do you like the color?

  26. 26 Too much info...

  27. 27 My imaginary barber is here

  28. 28 OOTD

  29. 29 Posing in WC with a kid.

  30. 30 Looks like boredom is hitting her hard.

  31. 31 She got lucky this time.

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