This Photographer Combines Two Different Photos And Creates Intriguing Visuals

If you’re looking for some eye candy, you’re at the right place! The pictures in this post are a perfect blend of two very unrelated objects and pictures, fused together to look like one item! You won’t notice it right off the bat, but give your brain a couple of seconds to adjust to the picture.


I feel like all types of artists are very underrated. With the amount of creativity flowing from each artist, it’s almost unfair that they aren’t that much appreciated. After going through with this post, you’ll understand what we mean. Each picture will leave an impression on you, trust me!

  1. 1 Plane + Roller skate

  2. 2 Truck + Donuts

  3. 3 Nail polish + Fresh pavement

  4. 4 Banana + Boat

  5. 5 Toy car + Real car

  6. 6 Lobster claw + Pliers

  7. 7 Beard + Pine straw

  8. 8 Donald Trump + Hilary Clinton

  9. 9 Headphones + Donuts

  10. 10 Fruit loops + Dump truck.

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