This is Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Ever wondered why women live longer than men? Well, this post is an answer to your question! Not only are the situations dangerous, but they are also quite funny!


Men are constantly found doing reckless things. We aren’t sure whether they are adventurous or really stupid/lazy. You will find them hanging on the edge of cliffs, lifting heavy machinery through tiny stairs and what not. These pictures will really help you in figuring out why women live longer. It’s because they dont do these things

Enjoy the compiled list below!

  1. 1 OK! Another try

  2. 2 Highly professional

  3. 3 Idiot!!

  4. 4 Back Flip

  5. 5 Not that much hard

  6. 6 Hold On!!

  7. 7 Work Out

  8. 8 Just a little more

  9. 9 What are You Doing??

  10. 10 he said he is an electrical engineer

  11. 11 Flame on

  12. 12 Seriously

  13. 13 In the Shadow

  14. 14 BOOM!!

  15. 15 Thank GOD it's just his shirt

  16. 16 Thats's why women live longer than men!

  17. 17 Not a good idea

  18. 18 Almost there

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