Hate Mondays? Monday Hates You Too!

  1. 1 Let me guess... Monday?

  2. 2 Quite Trendy

  3. 3 Ok! I need to go to bed again.

  4. 4 Monday morning I found out hair spray will make your armpits burn like hell.. Ouch!

  5. 5 Well... In his defence... He was sleepy!

  6. 6 This make me uncomfortable... no excuse!

  7. 7 Monday morning trends!

  8. 8 Lets see if you can figure this one out!

  9. 9 I wonder what happened!

  10. 10 Monday again!

  11. 11 You can mess this up any day though.

  12. 12 How did he mess this up?

  13. 13 It's time to stop and think

  14. 14 I put it on the table.. I swear!

  15. 15 So that's why snooze button was not working


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