This Is What It’s Like To Be Forever Alone

Every single person has gone through phase where they couldn’t take their loneliness anymore. While some signed up on Tinder to find dates and some went to bars to hook-up, there are some who just pretended to be in a commited relationship. 


No matter what you did as a single person, these photos of the struggles of people who need a bae will seem relatable to you. 

  1. 1 Yes, I have a girlfriend...!

  2. 2 Now he knows how alone he is

  3. 3 Forever alone booth

  4. 4 When you realize you are alone

  5. 5 Eating Alone

  6. 6 Come on barbie, Let's go party

  7. 7 Welcome to reality .

  8. 8 When you can't fix in social group

  9. 9 Mirror!! just behind you

  10. 10 The girlfriend moment

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