This Is What It Takes To Make Stunning Social Media Photos

Ever seen those amazing photos online that look like they’re staright outta fairytale? You must have imagined… Man! How can they get such a perfect shot? Turns out perfection isn’t accidental, it calls for a lot of work, and a tad sprinkling of props here and there too. Of course don’t forget the magic of Photoshop either. A lot of work goes behind those perfect photos that are gloriously shared on social media. 


Listed in this post is the behind the scenes view of photographers in their pursuit to capture a perfect photo:

Finding the right angle is not always easy

This is magical

In reality not so much!

Reality VS Output

Delicious capture

What you see

Behind the scene

This is creative, gonna try it out myself

The bare legs crack me up

This is called a brave photography

Magic of photoshop

Now this is what we call "Creativity"

The lady is probably taller than the man!

Stunning social media photo

Behind the scene

Caption this

DIY rain

Magical Photo Vs Behind the scene

Aaand one more click, don't breath yet

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