This is How You Can Turn Food Into Fashion

  1. 1 Extremely fun yet cheap lettuce leaves dress

  2. 2 Nothing says "cute" like a dress made of fruit!

  3. 3 Bad hair day? Throw on a spaghetti hat.

  4. 4 Red hot and spicy peppers necklace

  5. 5 Feeling hot? Cool down by decorating your body with raw fish.

  6. 6 Just remember to wear it quickly because the leafs can wilt, especially in hot or humid conditions.

  7. 7 Woman with donut.

  8. 8 And don't forget the coffee!

  9. 9 Three dimensional

  10. 10 Turn food waste into (fruit) leather

  11. 11 Sprinkle on some fun with ice cream sprinkle sunglasses

  12. 12 Candy necklace

  13. 13 Breakfast bag!

  14. 14 Go old school with some 80s-inspired shoulder pads.

  15. 15 Can’t afford 24-carat-gold earrings? Never fear! There’s actual carrots for your ears!

  16. 16 When all else fails, the celebrity meat dress is a classic summer style.

  17. 17 Lollipop crown

  18. 18 Food Inspired Make-up & Hair Designs by Karla Powell

  19. 19 Yes those are meringues! Edible Fashion


  20. 20 Breakfast in bed? Try breakfast on your head!


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