This is How Horrifying Celebrities Would Look Without Teeth

For over decades, celebrities have been setting unrealistic beauty standards which women blindly follow. These trend-setters always manage to look perfect whether they have just woken up from their magical nap or just got out of the gym after sweating like a pig. 


So, today, for a change, let’s see what these celebrities would like without teeth to make ourselves feel better about our looks and of course to get a good laugh. 

  1. 1 Scarlett Johanson

  2. 2 George Chewy

  3. 3 Jennifer Lowrinse

  4. 4 Jennifer Lopez

  5. 5 Leonardo Decavity

  6. 6 Niki Minaj

  7. 7 Anne Hathaway

  8. 8 Barack Obama

  9. 9 Miley Cyrus

  10. 10 Amy Poehler

  11. 11 Anne Hathatooth

  12. 12 Simon Cowell

  13. 13 Kim Kardashian

  14. 14 Kristen Stewart


  15. 15 Sofia Vergara

  16. 16 Taylor Swift

  17. 17 Ellen Degeneres & Portia de Rossi

  18. 18 Tom Cruise

  19. 19 Emma Watsertooth

  20. 20 Angelina Jawline

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