This Guy Recreates Celebrities Photoshoot and The Results Are Hilarious

  1. 1 Providing endless "browspiration" as Cara Delevingne.

  2. 2 His b*ty is literally poppin'. LOL

  3. 3 I think he deserve an Oscar for this...

  4. 4 Spot the difference!

  5. 5 A spider monkey!

  6. 6 The bun! Omg!

  7. 7 "Angeliam Jolie" From "Maliamcent". LOL

  8. 8 Ramen noodle "hairs" though!

  9. 9 Lady Gaga looks like one of those really nice foods that you always see in the Mc Donald's menu...

  10. 10 He made this costume with Nutella, bananas, tic-tacs and nuts...

  11. 11 Did he put his hairs on the wall and stick it with tape? Creative! LOL

  12. 12 The background kills me...

  13. 13 Nailed the Expressions...

  14. 14 The hairline, anyone notice?

  15. 15 Hahaha loving the "wrecking ball"

  16. 16 Ohhhh myyy god! where did he get that necklace from!! I want it!

  17. 17 Nailed it!

  18. 18 Close enough.... LOL

  19. 19 Great Hair!

  20. 20 Yes they are lemons...

  21. 21 Omg Liam needs to be on her show!!

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