This Guy Recreates Celebrities Photoshoot and The Results Are Hilarious

Liam, known as waverider on Instagram, is a teenager from New Zealand who has won fame on Instagram due to his hilarious recreations of celebrity photos. From Miley Cyrus to Beyonce, he has created hilarious recreations of everyone’s photos.  With over a million of followers on his social media account, Liam is definitely a star who makes others laugh. 


However, things weren’t always easy for him. There was a time during his career that he suffered from severe depression that led him to close his Instagram account.  He is back again now, and his fans are quite happy about it. His story is quite an inspiration for those who battle anxiety and depression every day.

We’ve listed some of his photos in this post. You can learn more about him here: Instagram|Twitter

  1. 1 Providing endless "browspiration" as Cara Delevingne.

  2. 2 His b*ty is literally poppin'. LOL

  3. 3 I think he deserve an Oscar for this...

  4. 4 Spot the difference!

  5. 5 A spider monkey!

  6. 6 The bun! Omg!

  7. 7 "Angeliam Jolie" From "Maliamcent". LOL

  8. 8 Ramen noodle "hairs" though!

  9. 9 Lady Gaga looks like one of those really nice foods that you always see in the Mc Donald's menu...

  10. 10 He made this costume with Nutella, bananas, tic-tacs and nuts...

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