This Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into The Lives Of Famous People

Average Rob also known as Robert Van is a comedian and a digital artist living in Belgium.


Like all us, Robert fantasizes about what it would be like to live among celebrities in our day to day life. Being a digital artist, he expresses his thoughts digitally by editing himself in photos of celebrities.

The photos he creates are absolutely hilarious.

He shares his work online on his social media profiles, and people love it. In this post we have listed some of our favorite photos by Rob.

You can learn more about his work on the following links: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

  1. 1 Look who invaded the family dipping session

  2. 2 Yo're safe with me

  3. 3 I hope you don't mind me hangin

  4. 4 What a fruity day

  5. 5 Run for your life Leo

  6. 6 Kong Baby

  7. 7 Karzai's kids casually playing around the house

  8. 8 Right in the middle of showdown

  9. 9 OMG Serena...

  10. 10 When she ditches you for another girl

  11. 11 Save me from the Wild Britney

  12. 12 Yeah, hon. Don't turn around...

  13. 13 Not sure if he would like that joke or not

  14. 14 I've got your back

  15. 15 Make some space Ryan

  16. 16 I'm a b*tch

  17. 17 Got place for one more?

  18. 18 There's a new toy for Andy

  19. 19 Gosh Hillary

  20. 20 Get up and cook me some good food Selina

  21. 21 Hey, check this out

  22. 22 That's the birthday bash we all want

  23. 23 Run Kevin run

  24. 24 That damned smile

  25. 25 I like it but I don't

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