This Guy Creates Low Cost Cosplay and The Results Are Hilarious

Lowcost Cosplay enthusiast Anucha “Cha” Saengchart is back with amazing new creations which are not only on point but are hilarious! 


If you are a Cosplay enthusiast then you are probably aware of the fact that cosplay is not entirely cheap, which is why Cha has come up with some awesome budget friendly cosplay designs that will surely push you to create your own.

So, whether you are looking for inspiration or you just want to give yourself a good laugh, browse through the below images.

  1. 1 Frozen

  2. 2 Iron Man

  3. 3 Captain America

  4. 4 Rapunzel

  5. 5 Professor X

  6. 6 Naruto

  7. 7 Hello Kitty

  8. 8 Cyclops

  9. 9 Spongebob

  10. 10 Vagito

  11. 11 Wolverine

  12. 12 Train your dragon not cat

  13. 13 Titanic cheap version

  14. 14 Captain America

  15. 15 Ghost Rider

  16. 16 Pikolo

  17. 17 pokemon meowth

  18. 18 Buzz

  19. 19 Claws

  20. 20 Big

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