This FRIENDS Fan Theory Has Divided the Fans

So, Emily Heller is a writer, a comedian and a FRIENDS fan, and a few days back, she had a thought:


And FRIENDS fan gathered immediately.

  1. 1 There was some instant agreement.

  2. 2 People shared their feelings.

  3. 3 The theory was explored and explained in depth.

  4. 4 And there were people who were (understandably) confused.

  5. 5 But then #TeamRoss announced its presence...

  6. 6 And it started asking some questions.

  7. 7 Some valid ones.

  8. 8 And some arguments were presented.

  9. 9 Like seriously! It makes no sense.

  10. 10 Also....

  11. 11 And coffee and Central Perk were important!

  12. 12 So, basically...

  13. 13 But then Emily came and cleared up the air.

  14. 14 And let's be real, they HAD to be brother and sister, because...

    Because seriously, if Ross and Monica weren't siblings, *the routine* will totally lose its meaning.

  15. 15 And how will we have this?

  16. 16 Or this...!

  17. 17 Or this!! LOL

  18. 18 To sum it up, if they weren't siblings, we wouldn't have had THIS for 10 years.


  19. 19

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