This Father Turns His Kids Drawing Into Hilarious Creatures

Escapee Scarlet Macaw.

5-year-old Cato's Brilliant Shark

If you guessed 'Andy Murray', you were right, well done!

An Amazing Lion

Amazing Elephant

Don't be so silly - this isn't the sun! It's clearly a sketch of a happy lion.

The hosts of BBC radio show "Rachel and Nicky".

"Cool" Rabbit

Rainbow Unicorn.

Australian TV Presenter Kylie

My biggest concern is trying to gauge, is it the "Tiger" or us on the wrong side of the cage?

A Super Cat

I would’ve thought it was a frog But It's a Dog!!

An Easter Bunny

Donald Trump


An Incredible Bat

Smiley Robin! Of course it's his beak and he's just caught a worm!

A Monster Bear

Another Amazing Elephant

Real croc's been looking unwell ever since it ripped

The Mona Lisa

Sneaky Lemur

Most snakes are long. This one is not.

Here Comes the Santa Claus.

A strange chap with big ears and small eyes.

A Frog Or a Toad!!

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