This Dad Turns His Daughter’s Photos Into Funny Masterpieces

Let’s admit it, majority of the human population is pretty much obsessed with babies. In the case of parents, multiply that obsession by infinity. Hence, it’s no surprise that a very devoted father, turns his daughter’s photos into funny masterpieces! 


Needless to say, people really appreciated his effort due to which he gained popularity. And makes total sense right, who doesn’t like adorable baby pictures with their parents, looking all cute and cuddly? This post is a great for all the baby enthusiasts out there (like us). Enjoy!

1. Be fruitful and multiply..they said

2. Knitting with my kitten

3. Abra Kadabra, Halakazat... here's a darling bunny out of a hat

4. On which day do monsters eat people? Chewsday.

5. My love for you is perm-anent

6. Partners in crime

7. License and registration please ma'am

8. Feeding time at the zoo


9. Meanwhile back at home....

10. Uh oh

11. Daddy's gone bankrupt

12. When mum goes out to play... daddy gets take away

13. "Alas, princess Zoe dideth catcheth her medieval uber ride towardeth her castle"

14. Gnome is where the heart is

15. Recipe ingredients include: 3-eggs 2-loads of laundry 1-lb of flour 4-rubber duckies and a garden hose

16. Not Bee-Having

17. Jaws 4: 'guess she's teething'

18. Camping 101: beware of giant ferocious grizzly bears

19. Catch of the day

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