This Artist Creates Incredible Optical Illusions With Makeup and the Results are Beyond Amazing

Mimi Choi a.k.a Mimlesis a makeup and visual artist from Vancouver, Canada best known for her surreal incredible makeup transformations. Let’s see her take on makeup and cry about the fact that we are not as creative as she is.

  1. 1 Quiet, are never quite silenced.

  2. 2 It's not a mask, it's Makeup

  3. 3 You caught me staring, but I caught you staring back

  4. 4 This is makeup LIP EYE

  5. 5 This is makeup NAILY

  6. 6 My eyes are down here

  7. 7 When you fall asleep beside the fireplace...

  8. 8 This is MAKEUP. I choose to think that the ball is rolling upward.

  9. 9 ONION GIRL, keep them busy peeling away the infinite layers.

  10. 10 This facial house was inspired by the beautiful houses in Lisbon

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