Artist Created 12 Fantastic Makeup Looks For Each Zodiac Sign

Some of us don’t believe in astrological signs as they have no scientific proof while others consider their celestial Zodiac sign as a guideline that dictates their lives and in some cases even predicts their luck. These people often check their horoscope as a daily or monthly ritual. This post is for the latter category because those who see zodiac emblems admirable will find Instagram’s makeup guru Setareh Hosseini work quite breathtaking.


Setareh, who goes by the username starlit_makeup, is a Toronto-based professional makeup artist with over 100k followers. She opted for elegance over extravagance by creating stunning looks inspired by astrology. Her Zodiac makeup interprets each of the 12 signs, transforming her into fiercest characters.

From fake horns to painted freckles, scroll on to see Setareh’s marvelously realistic collection. If your version of zodiac matches the one in the list, share it with your friends.

More info: Instagram | Starlitmakeup

  1. 1 Aries

  2. 2 Gemini

  3. 3 Scorpio

  4. 4 Capricorn

  5. 5 Aquarius

  6. 6 Cancer

  7. 7 Libra

  8. 8 Pisces

  9. 9 Taurus

  10. 10 Virgo

  11. 11 Leo

  12. 12 Sagittarius

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