These Shoes are The Most Unwearable Pieces of Feet Fashion

Rebel Royale, the creator of the Instagram account @crimesagainstshoemanity, is known on Instagram for his hilarious and cheap recreations of bad and hilarious shoe designs made by famous fashion designers such as Jonathan Anderson. 


You can see reincarnations of a lot of hideous shoes on his profile. On May 30th, Rebel’s account was featured on an article in Vogue earning the account a lot of traffic. With more than 23k followers @crimeagainsthumanity is becoming quite a popular place to be for Insta and shoe lovers alike. 

Scroll down to see what all the fuss is about, for more information you can check out Rebels account here: Instagram

  1. 1 When deep down, you always wanted to be a horse

  2. 2 Going all green

  3. 3 Marine shoes

  4. 4 Are you a spandex person?

  5. 5 Put your feet in shoes with feet

  6. 6 What the devil himself wears

  7. 7 The right kinda Crocs..

  8. 8 Definitely for women

  9. 9 Wanna look taller?

  10. 10 Comfortable putting your feet INSIDE a fish

  11. 11 Improvisation done right

  12. 12 What every American needs right now

  13. 13 Shoes square

  14. 14 One for the witches

  15. 15 Dinosaurs have a lot of footwear options these days

  16. 16 Who designs this stuff?

  17. 17 Only if MJ was alive

  18. 18 Try something new

  19. 19 These shoes will turn you on

  20. 20 Why do the effort??

  21. 21 Color scheme, design, weirdness, all get 10/10

  22. 22 So my snickers gave birth

  23. 23 Keep your feet hydrated

  24. 24 This shall slim down your chubby ankles

  25. 25 Fashion never ceases to amaze me

  26. 26 Look how far roller skates have come people

  27. 27 You'll definitely need these when you break your leg in these shoes

  28. 28 Suicidal toe shoes!

  29. 29 Is this some kinda torture technique?

  30. 30 IKEA always sells me stuff I don't need

  31. 31 These come with built-in nail polish..and nails

  32. 32 Gain a few inches with this fruit punch

  33. 33 Slippers for the special days...

  34. 34 Participating in Christmas theater? We've got you covered!

  35. 35 Too much art to handle

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