These Mom Quotes from Jimmy Fallon Fans Will Make You Day

Moms are amazing. They create you, nurture you and are your loudest cheering squad in everything life. They also embarrass you, come up with the lamest jokes, are ruthless in calling out your B.S and are just hilarity overload. 


This Mother’s Day Jimmy Fallon asked Twitterati to share their most amazing #MomQuotes, and they obliged. Here’s a selective compilation.

  1. 1 She was ‘technically’ right, kinda.

  2. 2 'Mortified’ is the word.

  3. 3 What pranks she pulls when she’s not high?!

  4. 4 ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ (except if it’s a large bug).

  5. 5 Now that’s regal! (And my favorite!)

  6. 6 Mom knows.

  7. 7 She was just trying to fit in.

  8. 8 The rhyme game is strong.

  9. 9 Mom telling it like it is.

  10. 10 Burn!

  11. 11 NO MOM!

  12. 12 That’s sooo mom.

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