These Kids Playing Hide and Seek Will Make Your Day

  1. 1 Hide and Seek Level: Legendary

  2. 2 My son stole my hiding spot

  3. 3 My 3 year old wanted to sneak into the grocery store


  4. 4 Somebody call the Ghostbusters!

  5. 5 Gotta turn the lights on

  6. 6 More like Hide & Sleep..

  7. 7 If I fits, I sits.

  8. 8 My daughter's kinda bad at hide and seek..

  9. 9 I don't think my daughter knows how mirrors work

  10. 10 Happy Feet

  11. 11 You shall only find the shadow..

  12. 12 Let's not wake her up then

  13. 13 That MAY BE a kitty litter box..

  14. 14 Blending in perfectly

  15. 15 Still not sure how she got there

  16. 16 Talk to the shade

  17. 17 My 2 year old son's Perfect Camouflage

  18. 18 Ready for shipment

  19. 19 Just gotta find Santa now

  20. 20 I think my son might go Pro at Hide and Seek


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