These Clever Ads Will Capture Your Attention

Good advertising doesn’t have to be about a big budget. It’s all about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time in a manner that’s memorable. Brands that have creative marketing teams are awesome at designing ads and billboards according to the situation and surroundings. Clever billboards and ads don’t just see foot traffic, they’re also a source of buzz on social media which draws in even more people. 


Listed in this post are 20 clever ads that’ll seriously blow your mind:

  1. 1 For Sexier Knees

  2. 2 Looks inviting

  3. 3 Well this never occurred to me

  4. 4 Have a peek

  5. 5 This is one hot Yoga Studio ad


  6. 6 When your puppy can multi task

  7. 7 Cant wait to find out who’s next...

  8. 8 A retouching studio’s ad

  9. 9 Ever been in a situation like this?

  10. 10 Motor City Nightmares: Horror Buckets

  11. 11 Rimmel’s Nail Polish

  12. 12 Calvin Klein is advertising perfectly on rainy days

  13. 13 Come swim with us

  14. 14 Korean Subway's are creative with their advertisement

  15. 15 It's all jumbled up in there

  16. 16 People still prefer this way

  17. 17 Join us in the slimy river

  18. 18 Who needs these smokes?

  19. 19 Absolutely Genius

  20. 20 Who is up for free coffee?

  21. 21 This should give you enough motivation

  22. 22 Girl power!!

  23. 23 Beer for all!

  24. 24 Say no to racism!

  25. 25 Mega Mall's Mega Punch

  26. 26 Dental care's shining upon you

  27. 27 That's one beautiful beard!

  28. 28 Education for Street Children: What a beautiful concept

  29. 29 Wait for the windy days my friends

  30. 30 BBC wants you to ask all the questions you've got

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