20 Hilarious Selfie Background Fails

Selfies are awesome because you can snap one anytime and anywhere without depending upon anyone else.However, not everyone can take a good selfie. There are some people who’re so self-obsessed that when they take a selfie that they forget about everything else in the background. Resultantly, they end up taking selfies with hilarious backgrounds that reveal a lot more than a person may have initially wanted to reveal.


In this post, we have compiled 20 selfies with extremely amusing backgrounds that are going to make your day. Don’t forget to see the 12th one, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it:

  1. 1 All mirrors

  2. 2 Oh…you almost got me!

  3. 3 When You See It.

  4. 4 I know Voldemort is in the background...

  5. 5 All Dressed Up For A Ke$ha Themed Birthday Party And I Couldn't Resist A Car Selfie

  6. 6 When You See It

  7. 7 My Friend Got His Tux In And Sent Me A Pic. I Had To Bring It To His Attention What Was Going On In The Background

  8. 8 Going to dinner

  9. 9 This Subtle Selfie

  10. 10 This nominee for a Darwin Award.

  11. 11 Girlfriend Caught Me Sleepin

  12. 12 Me, My Best Friend, And My Brother.

  13. 13 "Rock, Daddy, rock!"

  14. 14 Oh well. The baby won’t be happy with his dad when he grows up and sees this picture.

  15. 15 Say hello to mama’s boy.

  16. 16 What that dog is doing in the toilet??

  17. 17 Surpri-i-i-ise!

  18. 18 He's checking that a$$ so hard he broke his neck

  19. 19 Someone call social services

  20. 20 Were taken at the wrong time

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