These 18 Hilarious Selfie Fails Will Be Your Todays Dose Of Fun

Since the introduction of the good old front camera, selfies have taken over the world and consumed the life of teenagers, all in good fun obviously! We have all fallen victims to our own selfie taking skills, and captured some very good and some horrible selfies as well! The only difference being, that we don’t actually post the picture in which we know we look bad, right?


Or maybe, you thought you looked good, but failed to notice some aspect of the picture which would embarrass you to the bone and go viral. Sounds like a nightmare right? Unfortunately for some, this is a living nightmare, and while they may be embarrassed about it, we can’t control but laugh hysterically at them! 

Bae caught me slippin'

She’s dead

Aww my boyfriend is so sweet! Sneaking in shower shots of me hehe

Coffee will do it to ya!

When you see it....and realize it isn't

Drunk Selfie Fail

Take the damn Picture - i'm Drowning!

Even this dog is sick of her selfies

Dont you just hate traffic jams...



Great shirt, honey

Friend tried to take a mirror selfie... Look closely.

Yeah sis', another selfie...great idea...

Nailed it...Lol


Okay, so was he opening or closing the bathroom door?? lol


That's what guys think of girls selfies


What that dog is doing in the toilet??

Hate it when my girlfriend takes pictures of me sleeping.

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