These 10+ Epic Wedding Photobombs Will Make Your Day

Wedding days are special and capturing every moment is essential for bride and groom to capture the moments during their special day. It’s also very common to have some photo bombs in the wedding photos, which, most of the time ruin the moment. However, sometimes they make the moment even more memorable.  


These photo bombs do not belong to the dusty drawers but they live on the Internet for all of us to enjoy. We have compiled a list of some epic wedding photo bombs that are so good; the happy couples probably didn’t even get mad at the culprits.

Scroll down to see some of our favorites and caption the photos is comments. Enjoy!

Beluga Whale at wedding

Me at my sisters wedding a few years ago

What that man is doing there?


Love is in the air

What's the story behind this?

A glorious llama face

Our surprise wedding guest. The day couldn't have been better!

Look at my butt, just look at it

Nothing to see here

Her expressions are priceless

The kid adds a colour in this picture

Andddddd everybody play dead...


My local bike share posted this photobomb.

I really want to know the story behind this shot

This cutie is so proud of her Minnie underwear

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