These 10+ Epic Wedding Photobombs Will Make Your Day (2)

Wedding days are special and capturing every moment is essential for bride and groom. Some pictures, however, are more interesting and funnier than others and belong not only in dusty drawers but on the internet as well.


Since you guys enjoyed it alot so, we at Bemethis decided to compile again a list of epic wedding photobombs that are so good, the happy couples probably didn’t even get mad at the culprits.

What happened? Why this man is making weird face??

Now you may kiss the Owl. LOL

This guy seems more happy than the couple

The kid adds fun in this picture

Grossed Out. LOL

Quite possibly the best photobomb I have ever taken!

Doggo doesn't give a sh*t about weddings. LOL

Hazards of having weddings at beaches...


This cat's face is like Ewwww! Lol

She's running away to make sure she doesn't catch the bouquet by mistake

What's going on in the background??

How a big brother views his little sister getting married


His face says it all.

This funny guy!!

Cutest photobomb ever

Yup... best friends forever.

Kids. They are such a joy to everyone. 😄

My friend's brother's wedding photo...with their pastor in the background

Again hazards of having weddings at beaches...

Ah the old “kiddie wrangler”, you need one at every wedding!

So graceful...and so picky...

That face though..I funny!

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