These 10+ Dramatic Cats’ Photos Will Make You Laugh

Cats are one of the most dramatic of all the animals. No matter what the situation is, cats cannot help but to overreact. Following list features some of the most blatant overreactions we’ve ever seen.


Let us know which one is the funniest in the comments. 

Never let go Rose, never let go...

Eeeek! I saw a mouse.....


This cat got lots of mood swings

My owner bought a puppy


Over dramatic cat

Baby don't leave me!

My cat disapproves of human/dog love... I didn't even know she could do that face...

We forgot to tell our cat that we had a baby

The Stages Of Cat Panic

Just a road trip

Took Porkchop to the vet today. This was the before and after pics. This was the look I got the entire ride home.

My cats' reaction to seeing the ceiling fan move for the first time (MIC)

My cat gives me this look sometimes

Introducing... Overly Dramatic Cat?

Apparently the cat doesn't like rain.

Photo of my cousin's cat. My grandma sent it to me and told me I had to put it on the Internet

"Wait, WAT."


So this is my cat... She's a bit dramatic.


My boyfriend warned me about his dramatic cat but I wasn't ready for this.

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