The Dancers Among Us Project is Going Viral Right Now

Just like Shakespeare once quoted “All the world’s a stage”, Jordan Matter took it quite literally and has initiated the Dancers Among Us project, which quite frankly focuses on capturing brilliant dancers in everyday settings like at the metro, a restaurant or at the store. 


Here at BemeThis we have chosen some photos which will truly help you to appreciate your every day routine and life in general. 

  1. 1 The girl's are ready!

  2. 2 The secret to great dance

  3. 3 Sunday travels

  4. 4 How dancers ride the New York City subway

  5. 5 Sisters waiting for the subway

  6. 6 Another day

  7. 7 How a contortionist celebrates her birthday!

  8. 8 A new time square

  9. 9 She's never seen a print newspaper before

  10. 10 Hard Worker

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