40 Stunning Perfectly Timed Shots That Will Make You Gasp

In photography timing is everything. Whether it’s spontaneous photos of the miraculous wonders of nature or comical illusions, we all love our fair share of perfectly timed photos, don’t we?


There is something about these photos that make us realize the power of a split second. Photos can go from jaw-dropping to ordinary within seconds if not timed right.

Listed in this post are 40 stunning and perfectly timed shots that will definitely take your breath away.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Don’t forget to share this photo with all the photographers in your list, they’ll surely love it.

  1. 1 So they have holes too?

  2. 2 Just a slight touch on the nose

  3. 3 Now we know how sunsets work

  4. 4 Don't let go mi amore

  5. 5 A hi five 200 feet down under

  6. 6 The New York thunder

  7. 7 I hope its not frozen

  8. 8 Someone explain this

  9. 9 Last moment life saver

  10. 10 Relocating the moon

  11. 11 Right on the money

  12. 12 Trail biking nightmare

  13. 13 Guess my kid could use an extra nut

  14. 14 Path to the sun

  15. 15 It's summer time

  16. 16 What can you do for me?

  17. 17 Superman who?

  18. 18 Wanna try our special fine wine?

  19. 19 Ever seen a more human like fountain?

  20. 20 That moment when you know you've gone to a new extreme

  21. 21 Obama got his hands on Aladin's magic carpet

  22. 22 Guess who threw her down?

  23. 23 That's fall is awkward AF

  24. 24 Selfie of the day

  25. 25 When your girl is into boxing

  26. 26 She has no idea why I'm laughing at her

  27. 27 What a well disciplined sky dive

  28. 28 Snapchat's instant Afro effect

  29. 29 Jesus is watching... Indeed!

  30. 30 What chu lookin at?

  31. 31 This made granny's day

  32. 32 When your team coach is two faced

  33. 33 He can listen to every whisper you do in the room

  34. 34 You shall not pass

  35. 35 Me during every project presentation

  36. 36 Beach body goals

  37. 37 Booty game too strong

  38. 38 That designer dress is gonna be ruined for sure

  39. 39 Exactly the kind of crazy shit you do with your besties

  40. 40 My DJ is better than yours

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