Strange and Unconventional World of Art By Gab Bois

Gab Bois is a talented artist from Montreal. Her biggest trait is close-up photography, however, she also does profound illustrative and painting work. She uses her own body as the canvas for all her digital photographs.


All of her content is concept-based. Some of her main interests are women empowerment, dystopian art, and videos of shark attacks. She’s bold and does not hesitate to make people question her photographic standards. She believes in confronting traditional photographers and making them understand the concepts behind her work.

Gab’s has published her work on several platforms and you can find her photography on these platforms:

Instagram | Website | Email

  1. 1 Free the speech!

  2. 2 What came first?

  3. 3 Irony

  4. 4 Chicken Breasts!

  5. 5 Weak in the knees

  6. 6 When you know you're going to get drunk

  7. 7 Leave your mark

  8. 8 Safety first!

  9. 9 Single women at parties..

  10. 10 Keep it secure....

  11. 11 My night out survival kit

  12. 12 NEVER losing them again

  13. 13 Post-valentine's day comfy look

  14. 14 Nailed it!

  15. 15 Winter got me like

  16. 16 I felt that...

  17. 17 Sexual Assault needs to stop

  18. 18 Let the world be green

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