30 Photos That Will Make You Say Enough internet for Today

We are all addicted to weird and crazy posts.


Whatever the case may be, there is some pull to everyday cray-cray. But, folks! Before you proceed further just make sure you want to see what’s coming next because once you see it, you can never unsee it.

Are you still reading? Ah, Well, it’s your call fellows. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Listed up in this post are 30 photos that will make you throw up your hands in surrender and say, “that is enough internet for today”.

Scroll on peeps, it should be fun!

  1. 1 The best flight date I could find

  2. 2 Donald Trump as a kid

  3. 3 The stuff from my nightmares

  4. 4 What my best friend looks like

  5. 5 Evolved autistic fish

  6. 6 Me surviving in this negativity filled society

  7. 7 Oldest trick in the books

  8. 8 Customer Service done right

  9. 9 The amount of questions I have about this are countless

  10. 10 Nicolas Manaj

  11. 11 Does it really need them?

  12. 12 How an infant sees people greeting him

  13. 13 That pumpkin got better booty than many models

  14. 14 What up Mr. President

  15. 15 Face swap of the day

  16. 16 He's got a 6 pack face

  17. 17 Flying pups are the best

  18. 18 Would you dive in?

  19. 19 That's a fishy photo

  20. 20 Time for some feeding

  21. 21 Catchy speakers be like

  22. 22 Centaur Dwarf

  23. 23 Joseph's workout routine isn't a joke

  24. 24 My Big Mac running to me like .....

  25. 25 he is wearing spiky condom

  26. 26 Explain this shit

  27. 27 I've got my eyes on you

  28. 28 Chicken + Fish fillet coming right away

  29. 29 440 volts of dark power

  30. 30 'Why are you standing there, hooman? Isn't it fun? Dance with us!'

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