Meet the Voice Cast of Incredibles 2

‘The Incredibles 2” was an incredible movie (pun intended). The movie wouldn’t have been half as awesome without the awesome voice cast that delivered all the dialogues so well. You could feel the emotions behind all the lines. Each actor did an exceptional job making the characters real. 


Listed in this post are the 12 incredible people who were behind the scenes voice cast for the movie characters. Is it just me or most of them look sort of similar to their cartoon characters? 

  1. 1 Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) - Craig T. Neslon

  2. 2 Helen Parr - Holly Hunter

  3. 3 Dash - Huck Milner

  4. 4 Violet - Sarah Vowell

  5. 5 Jack-Jack - Eli Fucile

  6. 6 Frozone - Samuel L. Jackson

  7. 7 Winston Deavor - Bob Odenkirk

  8. 8 Evelyn Deavor - Catherine Keener

  9. 9 Voyd - Sophia Bush

  10. 10 Edna Mode - Brad Bird

  11. 11 Ambassador Henrietta Selick - Isabella Rossellini

  12. 12 Rick Dicker - Jonathan Banks

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