How I Think I Look VS How I Really Look

There are some people who’re obsessed with themselves. They think they’re the epitome of sexy. The definition of hot and gorgeous. These people consider mirror to be their best friend. They use it to validate their glamour. 



If they used a reality check instead of a mirror, they wouldn’t so delusional. Here are 10 hilarious photos of narcissist’s  perception of themselves versus reality. Share these photos with your narcissist friends. It might just be enough to send the message they need to pop their self-obsessed bubbles. 

  1. 1 Wide Smile

  2. 2 Wearing Red Lipstick

  3. 3 Drinking From A Straw

  4. 4 Bite My Lips (Trying to look sexy)

  5. 5 Men Ponytail

  6. 6 Getting My Photo Taken

  7. 7 Wearing Glasses

  8. 8 Giving That Sexy Stare To A Girl

  9. 9 Waking Up In The Morning

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