How to make you look cool in the 80s?

The 80s saw the rise of wacky hair and funky music. It was in this era, that people got more aware of their looks and fashion, and got creative with their styles. But maybe, sometimes they went a teensy tiny bit overboard… and by that I mean A LOT!


Keep on reading and take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful hairstyles to emerge out of these two decades.

Thank God we managed to leave some of these in the past, because I mean come on, what were they thinking!

The Nerd


What Went Wrong


Seriously! What They Were Thinking?

An Electric Shock

What Happened In The Middle

Hilariously Horrible

The Kid Is Cute Though!

That 80's Emo

Is He Wearing Some Kind Of Cap

Who's Pulling Her Hairs Up?

Another Nerd Kid


YOLO Right?

How So Voluminous

Reverse Gravity

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