Having a Bad day? Check These 44 Photos That Will Make Your Day Seem Peachy

Are you having a bad day? Don’t fret it. There are so many people who have it so much worse.


We’ve all had one of those days when nothing seems to go right. It’s as if everything that we touch will turn to dust. Well, folks! You’re not alone in your suffering, so just sit back and laugh it out of your system.

In this post, we have listed hilarious photos of people having a really bad day that will make your day seem peachy. So scroll on peeps and enjoy these funny photos.

  1. 1 I was excited to use my new pizza cutter and this is what it did to the cutting board .

  2. 2 Well she almost got it right

  3. 3 Too much pain in this picture....

  4. 4 That's one good shredder..

  5. 5 Ouch ....

  6. 6 This was not in the wedding plans!

  7. 7 And you thought you sucked at gym...

  8. 8 Her dad would not be a happy person after this ...

  9. 9 I'm wondering what is there to be happy about...

  10. 10 The monkey warned him not to mess with him!

  11. 11 Just a selfie moment gone wrong...

  12. 12 He got a haircut shortly afterwards ...

  13. 13 That didn't go as planned ..

  14. 14 He must have liked the color of the car...

  15. 15 Lets see who's the boss!

  16. 16 He almost made it...

  17. 17 We all feel for the poor guy...

  18. 18 That was not intentional for sure!

  19. 19 And Guess what now you have to drive all the way back to the gas station

  20. 20 Not in front of all those people...

  21. 21 She doesn't seem too nervous about it..

  22. 22 She just had too many drinks...

  23. 23 I would like to see the look on his face after he wakes up..

  24. 24 How did she manage to pull this off?

  25. 25 Not something you would want to happen on a Kids' Choice Awards function!

  26. 26 She lacked practice!

  27. 27 Wait, what?? How???

  28. 28 Get off me bro...

  29. 29 When the gear shiftier is from china

  30. 30 I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to use the escalator…

  31. 31 I should've stopped after the second failed attempt, but good for you.

  32. 32 When you're getting late to the work and this happens .... you know its a bad day .

  33. 33 I am definitely getting late to the work today

  34. 34 Starting a day with soya sauce is not a good idea at all !

  35. 35 “My friend’s roof leaked during a big rainstorm, and the water ended up trapped inside the house paint.”

  36. 36 We’re trying to figure out how such a large piece of equipment could be buried so deep…and we’ve got nothing. This defies all laws of the universe.

  37. 37 On the upside, if you stay in the car while going through the carwash, no one will see or hear you sobbing to yourself.

  38. 38 And I thought I was bad at driving...

  39. 39 Luckily he was not hungry...

  40. 40 Damn you pen!

  41. 41 That's how you do the bucket challenge!

  42. 42 He always loved bras ...

  43. 43 That's not how they do in a YouTube tutorial...

  44. 44 Poor guy ... n

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