30 Guys Trolling Girls Photos and The Results are Hilarious

Women like to take funky pictures, and they’re not afraid to pose for them. Ever imagined what it would look like if men started posing like women for photos? That would just be downright hilarious.


Some men didn’t just think along those lines, they got together and replicated the common poses by women into their own photos. They weren’t being subtle either, so be prepared to see all sorts of hilarious photos of men in which they flaunt their feminine side.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Squad Goals!

  2. 2 Morning beach session

  3. 3 These guys love nail polish and had to compare it

  4. 4 Vacation goals

  5. 5 Found this photo of myself in my phone after the hangover went away...

  6. 6 My girlfriend ditched me on this holiday and now I'm here like...

  7. 7 In a parallel universe

  8. 8 The perfect holiday exists

  9. 9 Those hair flip photos

  10. 10 But first, let me take a selfie

  11. 11 First day of Summer

  12. 12 Men can do whatever women can do!

  13. 13 One of those lazy days!

  14. 14 Thats how this guy replies to his cousin

  15. 15 My girlfriend's gonna love this one

  16. 16 Want a ride honey?

  17. 17 They are just cradling their beer bellies

  18. 18 Working Saturdays be like

  19. 19 Perks of having a remote job

  20. 20 Kim Kardashian got nothing on me

  21. 21 Trying to match the Taylor Swift's squad

  22. 22 Rate the better one

  23. 23 Who does it better?

  24. 24 Got some new bath salts today. This is the life!

  25. 25 The Cup cake lover

  26. 26 Who says bubble baths are only for women?

  27. 27 Fine margins

  28. 28 Just pretend you're a mermaid when Monday feels hit you

  29. 29 LGBT pride

  30. 30 Serenity...

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