20 Funny Comics Only Girls Can Understand – Part 5

Prudence is an awesome Belgian illustrator who has been drawing since she was a child; she’s quite passionate about her work.  She translated her passion into a comic book “Bad at Adulting, Good at Feminism”. It is a hilarious depiction of the everyday struggles of women based partly on her own struggles in life.


In this post we have listed up some of her best comics highlighting the hilarious everyday struggles of women. If you like what you see here, you can explore more of her work on the following links: Instagram|Facebook|Website.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Such a bummer

  2. 2 The truth must be spoken

  3. 3 Love yourself before you love the world

  4. 4 Not much fun tbh

  5. 5 Just gotta feel high

  6. 6 Getting those bangs right is the hardest

  7. 7 My Monday morning face sucks

  8. 8 Mondays are evil. They take all our smiles away.

  9. 9 My Alcohol is my true buddy

  10. 10 The body changes, and so do the sleep patterns

  11. 11 Periods and flu= The worst combo in this world

  12. 12 Binge watching is life

  13. 13 These aren't meant for me

  14. 14 How the motivation graph falls

  15. 15 Movies, snacks and sleep

  16. 16 Post party shenanigans

  17. 17 Not as hot as I thought

  18. 18 Foodies be like

  19. 19 I am going through hell so everyone can go to hell

  20. 20 Getting a smooth shave ain't easy

  21. 21 One outfit to suit all festivals

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