20 Hilariously Relatable Couple Comics That Will Make You Laugh

When you’re in a relationship with someone you’re serious about, life always becomes so much easier. Everything becomes more charming, and even little things start to mean a lot. You get so comfortable with your partner that practically nothing can embarrass you in his/her company. You can be truly crazy with them.


This is exactly the kind of relationship that Yehuda Devir highlights in his famous comic collection “One of those days”. His comics are both funny and relatable. He shows things as they are between couples who are truly at ease with each other, and there is nothing glamorous about it. Perhaps that’s what makes his work so popular.

You can learn more about Yehuda’s couple comics on his Instagram account. We have listed some of our favorite comics by Yehuda in this post. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 It's that special time of the month again...

  2. 2 Because no sleep without cuddles

  3. 3 Making the baby potion together

  4. 4 Can you go another round?

  5. 5 You gotta be there when you're most needed

  6. 6 Seduction techniques 101

  7. 7 I've also brought my baby along

  8. 8 Caught red handed

  9. 9 How all arguments end

  10. 10 When you don't want other's to shed an eye on your girl

  11. 11 Only doing it on your request

  12. 12 We were supposed to watch this series together

  13. 13 Early morning convos

  14. 14 Time to shred

  15. 15 Obviously, I do!

  16. 16 The best gift a man could get

  17. 17 Together through thick and thin

  18. 18 When both of you love bubble baths

  19. 19 Post quickie thoughts

  20. 20 When she isn't a winter person

    Also checkout his amazing work on: Instagram | Patreon | Facebook | Youtube

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