20 Comical Mannequin Malfunctions

Have you ever came across a store which looks fine at first glance, but on a closer look, it is far from being fine? Yes? Well, so have we. There are plenty of things that can be wrong about a store but mannequins are what stand out most. From dancing mannequins to pregnant mannequins, we have seen it all. And while you are here, we would want you to see them too. So gear up as we have the most hilarious yet ridiculous collection of mannequins.

  1. 1 I bet that men mannequins are not in those kind of poses

  2. 2 This Dress Blew Her Mind

  3. 3 BUT MOOOOoOoMmmmm.... I don't wanna...

  4. 4 I See Your Nordstrom Mannequin, And I Raise You Macy’s

  5. 5 I Raise You Two Creepy Mannequins

  6. 6 Just Another Unrealistic Body Expectation For Women

  7. 7 Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

  8. 8 I Saw This Mannequin At Target The Other Day

  9. 9 This Hyped Up Mannequin

  10. 10 Finally A Mannequin That Adequately Reflects How Buff I Look In Polo Shirts

  11. 11 Holland’s Sauciest Mannequin

  12. 12 I Am Not Wearing This Sh*t!

  13. 13 When Your Parents Would Make You Show Them The Clothes You Just Tried On…

  14. 14 I Think The Mannequins In Chile Have Romania Beat

  15. 15 But I Don’t Wanna Be A Mannequin!

  16. 16 This Mannequin Has A Beer Belly

  17. 17 So creepy!! He is trying to swallow our souls, watch out!!

  18. 18 When The Lingerie Is Just Right

  19. 19 Woooow, I love them! I'd like all mannequins were like them in order of those boring and unnatural poses

  20. 20 This creepy clothing display

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