30+ Husbands and Boyfriends With Awesome Sense of Humour

Just because you’re an adult in a relationship doesn’t mean you’ve grown up. Sometimes couples play hilarious pranks on each other just like teenagers do in school. And in all honesty, that’s what keeps life so fun and interesting. What is life if it is robbed of humor?


In this post we have listed 32 hilarious photos of epic pranks played by the men to mess with their ladies. As you scroll through the list, you’ll admire the childish and yet clever nature of the pranks in these photos. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 A lazy ass boyfriend

  2. 2 I let my husband decorate the bathroom.

  3. 3 Best birthday cake for your girlfriend

  4. 4 When I ask my husband to cut vents in the turkey pot pie...

  5. 5 My husband's late night contribution to the questionable label on my wine.

  6. 6

  7. 7 This is how my husband RSVP'd to his cousin's wedding

  8. 8 This wife asked her husband to do the laundry this was his response

  9. 9 Sex after 40

  10. 10 I hate my boyfriend...

  11. 11 so my sister got goalie gloves for christmas from her boyfriend for 'being a keeper'...

  12. 12 I start my dream job tomorrow (maternity nursing)! Here's the cake my boyfriend got me to celebrate.

  13. 13 My wife didn't want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place...

  14. 14 Asked my husband to hand whip some heavy cream, walked in to see this

  15. 15 When you wife gives you lunch after a fight

  16. 16 Tired of her food pictures

  17. 17 He went to another level to a perfect photo

  18. 18 What a way to motivate her

  19. 19 He ordered a heart shape pizza for valentines day

  20. 20 The classic road trip with your wife

  21. 21 How to be a jerk boyfriend

  22. 22 She really does look like Pinhead Larry

  23. 23 Marriage can be fun!

  24. 24 Hoping she is not scared of clowns

  25. 25 She asked to buy a coach bag for her

  26. 26 Best way to keep other girls away from your boyfriend

  27. 27 His wife bought these new pillows on which you can draw

  28. 28 The husband who added this finishing touch to his wife’s body pillow.

  29. 29 Impatiently waiting for you to get ready.....!!

  30. 30 My husband’s ingenious idea: a screensaver for cutting back on cellphone use

  31. 31 The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face

  32. 32 The note my husband left me that I woke up to

  33. 33 Boyfriend!

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