30 Hilariously Embarrassing Advertisement Campaigns

Without knowing ABC you can’t really write anything in English. Similarly if you don’t know the 4Ps of marketing you’re never going to be able to run a sound advertisement campaign. But that has never stopped anyone has it? we see absurd ads everywhere that have neither proper design nor proper placement.


Sometimes these marketing blunders can become a hilarious sight; they’ll promote a brand for sure, but it will not be in the way that the company may have originally intended. In this post we have listed photos of marketing blunders that were designed without considering the 4Ps.

Scroll down and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Someone actually broke it

  2. 2 "Welcome to modern world"

  3. 3 Emmm... She loves what?

  4. 4 Fill her up!

  5. 5 Pretty embarrassing motivation

  6. 6 Best Gorilla marketing

  7. 7 Hope Super Push Up bra – The bra that brings right and left together!

  8. 8 Come a little closer Ad by funeral services company Bergmann!

  9. 9 Thank good they only sell glasses

  10. 10 Not a seat where anyone would like to sit

  11. 11 Wont be hard to guess

  12. 12 This is wrong in soo many ways

  13. 13 I am lovin it

  14. 14 If anyone would like to buy Jesus call on the following number

  15. 15 This is creepy

  16. 16 Star Bucks fail

  17. 17 Ooops...

  18. 18 Grocery store fail

  19. 19 This looks painful

  20. 20 Errr...

  21. 21 I thought I have been eating that from MacDonald since my childhood

  22. 22 A cat with legs

  23. 23 The bags I would not like to carry

  24. 24 Train stations in Japan

  25. 25 When Coco Cola can predict your sad future

  26. 26 Only if Trump's dad had spent couple of bucks on a good one

  27. 27 Sony's pulled PS Vita ad is embarrassing for everyone

  28. 28 Breath by Tobacco Industry

  29. 29 The handle was installed after the wall paint

  30. 30 Jesus Luvs Hooters

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