Funny Disney Comics That Will Mess Up With Your Innocent Childhood

Berkeley Mews is a comic series by Ben.  The comic series is free to read online. These comics are funny and light. Ben has done a great job of featuring various Disney characters in his comics by coming up with hilarious story lines for them. 


His comics make use of traditional characters in a modern era. For instance, Snow white is seen baking pies or getting an apple laptop and computer. His work is progressive, humorous and smart. You can learn more about it here: twitter | facebook | tumblr | instagram | website

Scroll down and enjoy these amazing comics:

  1. 1 Cinderella on Tinder

  2. 2 In a parallel universe

  3. 3 Its an Emergency!

  4. 4 Mirror always tells the truth

  5. 5 Grandma Saves the day

  6. 6 Just bought this new hair trimming kit...

  7. 7 Looks like the perfect end

  8. 8 Got some new dance moves

  9. 9 Aladdin had weird sex fantasies

  10. 10 Rajah doesn't get no mail

  11. 11 I'm sorry, Olaf

  12. 12 Mulan trolled her well

  13. 13 Wish gone VERY wrong!

  14. 14 Birds from the underworld

  15. 15 10 more minutes.... Please...!!

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