Funny Comparisons of Mom and Dads Parenting Styles

They say men are from mars and women are from Venus. They couldn’t be more different. These differences manifest clearly in the parenting styles of men and women. The way men and women handle kids is poles apart.


 Mothers are protective, and defensive. Fathers will spare no risks in the pursuit of a fun childhood for their kids. If the cost of fun is a bump or two, then be it! 

Here we have compiled 15 extremely funny Mom vs Dad parenting comparisons for you. Don’t forget to take a look at the 15th one, it’s hilarious:  

  1. 1 Home Alone

  2. 2 Taking Care Outside

  3. 3 Cooking

  4. 4 Cycling

  5. 5 Visiting Theme Park

  6. 6 Trying new Games

  7. 7 Getting ready for a Party

  8. 8 Going on a Walk

  9. 9 Playing Outdoor

  10. 10 Sharing Food

  11. 11 Shopping

  12. 12 Sleeping

  13. 13 Spending Weekend

  14. 14 Taking Bath

  15. 15 Visiting Zoo

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