Funniest Husband Tweets of the Week

Cute and clever arguments are common between spouses. It is a trend that hasn’t changed since the time of Adam and Eve. However, the invention of mobile phone and social media has provided a public platform for these battles of the wits. The sarcastic replies and hilarious comebacks between the two on messages, tweets, and posts are retweeted and shared widely among their family and friends.


Consolidated below are 15 most hilarious husband tweets of the week that will make you burst out laughing. Don’t forget to read number 12:

  1. 1 Well, that escalated quickly

  2. 2 Yummy bears...

  3. 3 ** Still trying to think of a comeback **

  4. 4 When you watch too many movies

  5. 5 Thug Life!

  6. 6 It wont be muggy when she leaves you Dylan

  7. 7 Marriage = Unnecessary Education

  8. 8 Pretty sure she's never been kicked in the crotch

  9. 9 I-hate-you?

  10. 10 Denim Dog eh?

  11. 11 No shoes on the carpet. No shoes in the kitchen. No shoes ANYWHERE!

  12. 12 Just to keep her in Lion..

  13. 13 Let's look through the groceries I bought. The shower gel may taste good..

  14. 14 Every single time

  15. 15 Mine is like Cold Coffee

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