10+ Of The Most Famous Voices Behind Your Favourite Cartoons

Ever wonder why your favorite animated characters sound so familiar? Well, there are famous celebrities behind them who bring these characters to life.


We at Bemethis have compiled a list of 12 animated characters for you from recent years.

The Croods- Emma Stone (Eep)

Ice age - Jennifer Lopez (Shira)

Angry Birds - Jason Sudeikis (Red)

Happy Feet - Elijah Wood (Mumble)

Kung Fu Panda - Angelina Jolie (Tigress)

Kung Fu Panda - Jack Black (Po)

Madagascar - Ben Stiller (Alex)

Megamind - Will Ferrell (Megamind)

Shrek- Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona)

Home - Rihanna (Tip Tucci)

Aladdin - Robin Williams (Genie)

Hotel Transylvania - Selena Gomez (Mavis)

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