Celebrity Couples Who Secretly Dated

  1. 1 Tom Holland and Zendaya

    The couple had a secret affair for about a year before it got confirmed 6 months ago. They sat together at the Oscars 2018, making it more obvious.

  2. 2 Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet

    The couple was seen together for the first time 3 months ago. Since then, they've been sighted together multiple times but have kept it a secret.

  3. 3 Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

    Everyone was suspicious about this couple but nobody really knew how far it would go. it was evident only when Eva was 8 months pregnant and they had to open up about it.

  4. 4 Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig

    Rachel and Danny had a small marriage ceremony 7 years ago. Their relationship as far as the wedding event was all done in stealthy James Bond fashion.

  5. 5 Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

    These two don't really make a big deal about their relationship in front of the camera. They had kept it a secret for months before going public with the news.

  6. 6 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

    George and Amal met in Milan for the first time. They did not go public about the affair until almost a year from that.

  7. 7 Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

    The Twilight co-stars were mostly seen in the press together. However, less was known about their relationship by the media.

  8. 8 Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

    Benjamin being a famous choreographer himself lives along with his wife Natalie in France. They've made the move to Paris to stay away from the paparazzi pressure.

  9. 9 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

    JT and Jessica were in the rumors for quite a while. They had been sighted sitting together at multiple award functions, yet they decided to not talk about it.

  10. 10 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

    Ben and Jeniffer had a secret relationship before they got married according to many media sources. These days, Garner often opens up about it and says that she needs to find her own identity apart from being Ben's wife. 

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