20+ Celebrities Who Voiced Behind Famous Cartoon Characters

All the 90s kids grew up watching Loin King, Toy Story, and Shrek. Most of us haven’t stopped watching animated movies even now.  Kung fu Panda, Shark Tale, and many other movies like that have us hooked to our screens for hours even now.


Have you ever wondered who voiced Mufasa in Loin king or Tigress in Kung fu panda? Scroll on to find out! We have listed up photos of the celebrities who became the voice of many of your favorite cartoon characters.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 The Lion King

  2. 2 The Lion King

  3. 3 Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

  4. 4 Finding Nemo

  5. 5 Up

  6. 6 Puss In Boots

  7. 7 Toy Story

  8. 8 Monsters, Inc.

  9. 9 The Lion King

  10. 10 Shark Tale

  11. 11 Garfield: The Movie

  12. 12 Shrek

  13. 13 Kung Fu Panda

  14. 14 Madagascar

  15. 15 Hotel Transylvania

  16. 16 The Lion King

  17. 17 Ratatouille

  18. 18 Bolt

  19. 19 Megamind

  20. 20 The Croods

  21. 21 Shrek

  22. 22 Madagascar

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